Training and Technologies

Infisys Innovation has been providing Training in the field of professional programming technologies especially Microsoft Technologies, PHP, Java and Databases. We have industry professionals with more than 10 years of experience in handling real life projects at multi national corporations

Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft .Net Technologies are the standard technologies that are based on .Net Framework. .Net Framework is a set of libraries called tools that help you develop Network Aware and Network Centric applications.

The rise of 21st century saw tremendous hike in the applications developed using .Net Framework technologies. The Application Types that can be developed using .Net Framework are ASP.Net, .Net Nuke CMS, WPF, Silver Light, Service Oriented Architecture using WCF.

We at Infisys Software Solutions have special arrangements for providing training in Microsoft Dot Net (.Net) Technologies. For detailed curriculum of courses and their contents... Read More

Java Technologies

Java by Sun Microsystems and Now at Oracle has seen a steep hike in application development during 90s and even today has a large market share in software development.

Java is everywhere and over 3 Billion devices use java. It can be used to develop computer software, websites and enterprise level solutions.

Java has seen its applications in Android, iOS and other Smart Phone applications.

Our Java trainers have no matching qualities, you can get training in any of the Java Frameworks like Spring, Hibernate etc. For detailed curriculum of courses and their contents... Read More

PHP Technologies

Preprocessor HyperText is the rising and most popular technology for web developers specially when performance is one of the major goals. The PHP is an open source website deveopment technology that can be used to develop enterprise level solutions.

Most of teh PHP solutions are standardised CMS like Joomla, Mgento, osCommerce and much more. These CMS can serve you better with standard functionality, but what if your organisation requires something beyond the specifications. We at Infisys Software Solutions help you get your problem solved by development of custom solution or plug-in application that will add required functionality. Read More

Database Administration

A database is the evrything related to an organisation as it holds valuable data of that organisation. Every organisation whether small or large requires trained database administrators(DBAs) to maintain its data and keep the wheel running. In this case, you need necessary training in database solution development.

We at Infisys provide complete training on databases and have specialization in Sql Server, OPracle, MySql, MSAccess databases Read More

Academic Subjects

Many a times, a student needs extra study hours and in depth knowledge not provided in the classroom. To quench the thirst of knowledge of such students, we have special arrangements and they can get benefitted in solving theiry academic assignments, project and thesis work by taking help from us. Read More


I started as a student getting training from Infisys Software Solutions and the mode adopted was online training. At present I am well setteled business development professional. The curriculum Infisys developed for training is really unique that helped me get a job during training.

Jarnail Singh - BDP

I was a lecturer at Khalsa College, Amritsar and got training in Databases from Infisys Software Solutions. At present I am working as a District Program Officer and considered to be a valuable asset in my department. Thanks to Infisys Innovation for imparting me the best of the training in a short span of time and help me getting a job in government sector.

Gagan Singh - District Programmer